Tim Henman Foundation

What We Do

Sports Programmes

Which breakdown access and financial barriers to allow young people the opportunity to participate and progress.

Education Programmes

Which provide opportunities for students who require extra support and young people who wish to progress their career path.


An additional source of support to provide positive guidance.


Financial assistance in the form of grants to organisations where there is a high level of need.

Why We Do What We Do

There are substantial socio-economic barriers to regular participation in sport.

Mainstream sport isn’t always relevant for those with special educational needs and disabilities.

Young athletes with the right attitude don’t always have the resources to give them the chance they deserve to reach their potential.

A lack of extracurricular opportunities in disadvantaged areas means some students are getting left behind.

There are too many young people not getting the training and education they need to progress into employment.

There is a record number of children in a mental health crisis.

Child poverty is unfair, but not inevitable.

Disabled people and their families face substantial financial pressures.