Tim Henman Foundation


Seahorse Nurseries Merton support THF with “Festival of Tennis”

2 December 2019

“Few people are aware of the great wotk the Tim Henmans Foundation is doing through supporting Outreach and Scholarships Programmes in the Arts, Science and Engineering and Sports. The Foundation with its real understanding of education  recognises the importance of early intervention in the lives of vulnerable young people. Their programmes fulfil the Foundations strap line of “One Life One Opportunity”. We are thrilled to be involved as Seahorse Nurseries”

Harriet and Alex Wolfe Seahorse Nurseries 

We are delighted that Seahorse Nursery Festival of Tennis 2020 makes Tim Henman Foundation their charity of choice.

One of the inspirations behind the Festival was that the founder of Seahorse Nursery, Julia Wolfe, attended the Tim Henman Foundation Pro-Am fundraiser. Sir Andy Murray did a short video with Julia about how to become a Wimbledon Champion and this was Seahorse Nursery most popular social media post for 2019. Seahorse Nursery Festival of Tennis in 2020 is an opportunity to bring Tennis to all.

The Festival will:

  • Integrate Mathematics & Tennis into the Early Years curriculum with Bobby Seagull (Britain’s most famous Maths Teacher) delivering a presentation
  • Host an evening with tennis dignitaries and engage local companies with the event allowing the guests to understand the variety of career opportunities available through a sport like tennis
  • Create opportunities for the children and parents of Seahorse Nurseries to play and watch tennis.

Thank you Seahorse Nurseries