Tim Henman Foundation


Partnership launched with Children’s Trust

18 December 2019

Tim’s resounding reaction to his visit…

“I really like the idea of working with the Childrens Trust. My Foundation is already supporting several special needs programmes and some of our existing approved partners are hospices and special needs schools. This is a wonderful “One Life, One Opportunity” moment for my Foundation to help the brain damaged children and their families, and for the Foundation to truly make a difference.”

Tim and Lucy Henman joined staff, children and families at the Children’s Trust in Tadworth in December for a surprise visit.

It was not a complete surprise as the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Trust had identified out that tennis related activities might be appropriate.

Richard Garrett CEO of the Tim Henman Foundation has begin discussions with Dalton on an exciting project linked to the Foundation which will create new and exciting learning and rehab opportunities for children in the care of the Trust. A first partnership events to take place at Hampton Court Palace on November 12 2020