Tim Henman Foundation


Feeding FSM Children over the Holidays

This Christmas, The Tim Henman Foundation is supporting those receiving free school meals (FSM) and raising funds to increase sporting participation in disadvantaged areas.

THF has partnered with La Piccola Deli (Ticco Foods Limited) to distribute thousands of free food for home meals to students at GLF Schools in the most deprived areas and raise funds to increase sporting participation in disadvantaged areas.

There are 1,633,698 students who claim free school meals – this is an increase of 302,400 children in the last 18 months.

There is also a gap between those able to access sporting activity and those who are not with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds less likely to take up sport (46%) than those from higher-income households (66%).

THF aims to bridge the gaps that exist between those who are disadvantaged and those who are advantaged and create more opportunities for young people, whilst supporting their families.

We are asking our supporters to match the cost of the meals provided by La Piccola Deli (distributed by Ticco Foods Limited) and raise funds to be able to deliver more sports programmes and increase activity in disadvantaged areas. 

We would be greatly appreciative if you could support our campaign.

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